Goal Setting: Don’t Dread It, Do It

What Are Your Goals for 2016?

It’s the holidays!  Time for time off. Time to set goals–and develop a plan to achieve them. Maybe you’re the type who’d rather hit the “snooze” button when it comes time to goal setting.  Or, perhaps you’re the type who makes lists for today, tomorrow, next year, and the next twenty years.  Whether goal setting fires you up or makes you yawn, you need to do it. Goal2013-11-10 16.35.41 setting will increase your productivity, decrease your stress, and boost your self-esteem.  Invest the time in yourself this holiday season and decide what you want to accomplish in the New Year.  Reading “virtual mentor” Michael Hyatt’s article, “The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting” is a great place to start.

One of my goals for 2016 is to accept a leadership role in one of the community organizations where I volunteer my time. What will your goals include?

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