I Am Inspiration – Goering Center Women’s Luncheon

Be Inspired and Be an Inspiration – Goering Center Women’s LunchI Am Mermaid

As a working mom, I was inspired at this year’s Goering Center Women’s Lunch.  All of us are in different seasons of our life as women – women who work full time, women who work part time, women who work as a stay at home mom, women who are transitioning back into the workplace.  Whatever or where ever your season is – it is important to take time to be inspired by other women who are making a difference.

We had the honor of hearing Mackey McNeill, Founder and President/CEO of Mackey Advisors *Wealth Advocates, Mary Miller, CEO and former owner of JANCOA and Robin Sheakley, third generation leadership at Sibcy Cline, along with moderator, Linda Gravett, Owner of Gravett and Associates.

Here are some quotes from these ladies that I made into an acronym from the luncheon that will inspire you no matter what season of your life:

W – Work through the failures, learn from ups and downs

O – Overcome obstacles by finding out what is best for you

M – Manage the details

E – Everyone is not like you – self observe

N – Never give up – keep knocking on the doors if they are not open for you


I – Ignite your confidence & Inspire others

N – Never stop learning

S – Strengths – What are they?

P – Prioritize and Be present

I  – Identify what you are good at and where you can fill a void that is missing

R– Realize the impact of the things you say – choose words wisely

E – Engage and be truly present when you are with your family

There is a quote that I love from an online inspiration women’s apparel line, I AM MERMAID, LLC “there are a million fish in the sea, but me…” I am unique, I am special, I am beautiful, I am inspiration– the list goes on.  Each of us has the power to inspire others – co-workers, friends, our children, our families, other women.  We all bring different talents and gifts to our family, our workplace, our circle of friends and our community.  Be encouraged to find what your gifts are and discover the importance in those talents you have so that you use them to inspire other women and change the world!

Pictured above: Haley Hunt, Creator/Owner of I Am Mermaid, LLC.

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