Is Fear the Skeleton in Your Closet?

Want Improvement? Embrace Change.

It’s that time of year when “scared” is normal. A big, hairy 6 foot spider dangling from a neighbor’s rooftop would seemingly provoke a scream from a startled passerby, but at Halloween, it’s simply part of the landscape.

When all of the caution tape and spider webs are packed away, what is it that still scares you?  I know one topic that can cause sweaty palms for some – change.  And, change is a topic you should be facing head-on as you review your 2017 (and beyond) strategic plan.

Want Improvement? Embrace Change.

We all recognize that change is an essential ingredient for improvement.  But change is hard.  Too many unknowns leave us unsettled, so we avoid change.

This mindset can cripple a business.  If you are basing your forecast only on past results (perhaps because it feels “safe”), more of the same is in store.  If you are ready for your organization to elevate to the next level, it is time to mix it up. If the current leadership is spooked by change, it might be time to change the leadership.

Let’s be clear– change for the sake of change is neither helpful nor profitable.  However, if you want change for the sake of advancement, tweaks (or more) are a necessity.

Is Fear the “Skeleton in Your Closet?”


Your fear of change can limit your organization’s potential.  It also limits those around you.  Don’t fall victim to these common pitfalls:

3 Pitfalls Created by Your Fear of Change

  1. Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action
  2. Unrealistic Expectations
  3. Hiring Someone Too Much Like Yourself

Too Much Talk, Not Enough Action

Too often I find organizations talk about growth & transformation – and then talk some more. They dream and tell others what they want to become.  But that is where it ends.

Talk less. Plan more. Then execute your plan.   That is the only way a dream can become reality.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

Be realistic and honest about your organization’s needs.  Is the right leadership in place to address these needs?  If not, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Your leadership needs to be committed to taking you to the next level.  Are they?

If there is any hesitation in your answer, it might be time for change.

Don’t Hire Someone Just Like You

Be brave. Hire someone stronger than you.  Don’t be threatened.  Instead, recognize that surrounding yourself with strong leaders only makes you stronger.  Find someone you respect and can learn from.

Are you ready to invest in this level of talent?  Can you submit to new leadership and are you willing to pay for such expertise and dedication?

Let’s be real, if a newly hired leader is too much like you, you won’t accomplish the change you need. This individual must be willing to challenge the status quo.  They must push employees to grow. They are there to take you where you’ve only dreamed of going.

Change…Simply Part of the Landscape

Let go of your comfort zone for the benefit of the organization.  Recognize the need for change and understand that it is simply part of the “landscape.” Accept the fact that you may be uncomfortable with some of the newness, but fully support the forward momentum.

Successful leaders enlist others to believe in the vision, set the expectations, and focus on the greatest asset needed to achieve success—talent.  Incredible leaders develop, hire, and inspire talent to achieve the fullest potential of the organization.

Don’t let fear derail you.

Have you experienced this in your organization? In your life?



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