It’s a Good Day When You Invest in Future Leaders

A small investment can lead to great impact - personally and professionally

I had an incredible opportunity a few weeks ago.

My daughter invited me to speak to her awesome 2nd class about my career. I was also asked to read a book of my choice to her class. I read, “Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids.

I was able to share my story of working with both my parents and leading a small family business serving businesses all over the world. I also talked about how it takes a great team to do mighty things, the importance of listening intently, and the benefit of asking insightful questions.

I wowed them with pictures of our team Zoom (video conference) conversations when we have team members from Manhattan, St. Louis, Loveland, Dallas, Ontario, Independence, Cincinnati, and Florence on video conferences. They geeked out when I showed them how a webcam works and that Abby’s dad is on video conferences and conference calls when he’s not traveling or in a really cool business meeting with really awesome people.

I asked them to contact Abby and Centennial Talent Strategy and Executive Search in 17 years to discuss career options. They had a lot of great questions.

This class is full of future leaders and potential talent and organizational consultants. #CareerDay #TeacherAppreciation #TalentMagnet

Our Future Leaders

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