Lessons from Leadercast 2016

Leadercast 2016 came up again at our Centennial team lunch the other day. Leadercast made a profound impression on each of us–the day sticks with you long after it is over.  We each took a turn sharing our most memorable quote.  We’d like to share them with you too–along with snippets from the thought-provoking conversations that ensued.

Leadercast broadcast live from Atlanta, GA

Leadercast broadcast live from Atlanta, GA

Lessons from Leadercast

(& applying them to you)

  • “We value integrity. We follow clarity. Clarity is magnetic.” –Andy Stanley This quote was a big “ah-ha” for our team. Seriously? Isn’t honesty most important?  Yes, but…People want to follow a leader whose plan is easy to understand.  Ask yourself:  Do I do what I say and say what I mean?  Am I clear in communicating my vision?  Am I clear when sharing my expectations? Do I take the time to really think about how, when, and why I communicate?
  • Follow the ‘Hotshot’ rule: If a hotshot took over my job today, what is one thing they would look at and say in unacceptable and in need of change? Then ask yourself why don’t you change it.” –Kat Cole
    When was the last time you reviewed your job description? Do you set goals for yourself within your role? Do you hold yourself accountable to those benchmarks? Are you honest with yourself in reviewing your performance?  What holds you back in making change? Challenge yourself to look at your role from an outsider’s perspective
  • The most powerful thing a leader can do is show what is possible.”–Bill McDermott
    We have revisited this quote over and over.  It came up again when Muhammad Ali passed away.  He famously said “…impossible is merely an opinion…” Question:  Do you dare to dream? If not, why not? If you do, do you follow through?
  • “Leadership is your willingness to help someone else for their benefit.”–Nick Saban
    Words of wisdom from the great collegiate football coach.  This earned a collective nod of agreement from the entire Centennial team.  Write that one down and tuck it in your wallet.
  • “Don’t miss the opportunity to help, to appreciate, to serve, and to thank others.” –Nick Saban
    Another great one from Saban.  This is a tenant of employee engagement. When was the last time you said thanks?
  • “Admire and praise people to get the best out of them.”–Steve Wozniak
    Two great leaders had the same thought (see Saban, above.)  So did we.
  • “People who expect things to go exactly right are often disappointed. You need to know there will be obstacles.” –James Brown
    The importance of resilience cannot be overstated.  And, generally, it’s not the obstacle that gets in the way.  It’s the way the obstacle is approached.
  • “As leaders, 90% of your behavior should be predictable. Ten percent of the time throw curve balls.” –Roark Denver
    “Curve balls” keep leaders and those they lead on their toes.  In addition to throwing curve balls, leaders need to be ready to take a few, too.  Know that the unexpected will happen (see James Brown, above.)
  • “Never make a decision based on fear.” –Roark Denver
    Decisions + Fear = Regret.  In contrast, make decisions thoughtfully and from a base of knowledge and experience.  Tying it back to James Brown’s insight (above) expect the unexpected and be resilient.  Don’t let fear get the best of you.

Mark May 5, 2017 for Leadercast 2017, “Powered by Purpose.”   Plan on investing in your leadership by attending!

Do you have any favorite leadership quotes you’d like to share?

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