Questions for Your Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Strategies

It’s that time of year! Organizations are involved and engaging executive search & talent strategy firms in conversations on how to make ‘Next Year’ the best year ever as it relates to attracting and hiring the right people! How do we take our key learnings and challenges of this year and substantially enhance our recruiting and talent acquisition efforts? While this is a great time of the year to plan…let’s TRULY strive to make next year long-lasting by hiring the right people in the right seats who will be encouraged and engaged to utilize their strengths each and every day.

This is the year where your employment brand and recruiting efforts will mean more than ever as the talent war continues to intensify. [Check out The Talent War Has Begun!] Finding the “A” talent will never be more difficult and more rewarding – together let’s make sure we are victorious!

Many of our clients are experiencing the impact of thinking outside the box once again…it is not a matter of having a great post on CareerBuilder or LinkedIn and the hundreds of resumes that come with it. It is about finding the right talent strategic planningwho will be the top performers your organization deserves.

I have been sharing all year that we are in an employee’s market vs. an employer’s market. “A” talent is simply more difficult today to attract, recruit and retain than ever before.  This year will be a year where this is amplified as talent becomes more scarce and companies do more to engage their talent.  What would you expect if you were being recruited to a new opportunity?

  • You would expect to be attracted to an organization and culture where your values and their values align.
  • You would seek an opportunity where your goals, personally and professionally, align with the organizations goals.
  • You would most likely seek an organization who truly values and lives out community engagement. Why? Because this is what employees value…and this has been proven to improve employee moral & employee engagement.

It’s up to you so let’s think through some questions to ask ourselves to ensure we are recruiting and attracting the best talent for our companies! If your hiring managers and people leaders have the answers to the questions below you are FAR AHEAD of the Competition. If you don’t have answers let’s start working on them!

  • What is your strategy to find great people that your competitors can’t and don’t find?
  • What does the marketplace think of when they think of your employment brand?
  • Are the people you find the best people you can find, or the first people you could find, or the easiest people for you to find?
  • Did last years strategies attract many eagles or too many turkeys?

What are your responses to this initial list of questions….share it with us and let’s create conversation to assist each other in our efforts!


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