7 Tips to Attract the Right Talent – Part 1

In the market today, the “noise” is at a considerable volume.  There are a lot talented professionals looking for jobs. Their resumes may look solid and they may interview fairly well, but are they the best fit for your role?  How can you feel confident that you’re getting the right person for your position?  And how can you prevail against your competition to get them?

3 of 7 Tips to Attract the Right Talent

Based on our extensive experience, here are some tips and suggestions we recommend to get the best talent for your organizational needs:

  1. Don’t mistake resume activity for successful recruitment progress.  Quantity is different than quality, and as earlier stated, there’s a lot of noise out there to sift through.  Questions regarding chemistry, character and cultural fit are equally as important as understanding qualifications.  Unless you are specifically targeting the most qualified people, expect that you’re going to have to sift through a massive amount of resumes…and you still may not find the ‘ideal.’
  2. Be sure you can clearly identify and articulate your resource needs.  Be ready to define the details of who you’re looking for as much as what you’re looking for.  Understand clearly what kind of person would make the best fit (and be sure they don’t already work for you!)  Also be prepared to make the appropriate investment for this talent.  Do your research and be knowledgeable before you begin your search process.
  3. Recognize that it’s a different market out there today.  Candidates are working hard to promote themselves and to ‘fit’ into many different roles.  You should explore to clearly understand a candidate’s highest and best use to determine if they’ll bring the right value you need for your organization.

We will provide more to think about in the next post…Part 2 of 7 Tips to Attract the Right Talent!


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