Does Your Job Description Ensure Highly Qualified Candidates? Part 1


What Should Be in a Job Description?


When asked, “What should be included in a job description to ensure highly qualified candidates?“, Mike Sipple Sr. shares the following with his clients and relationships:

  • Create the job requisition, which typically includes a list of criteria.
  • Sit down with the decision maker and the people who will be influential to this role – ideally in a group meeting.
  • Ask for feedback; ask for what’s missing; ask for what’s really needed to be successful in this role. (This process tends to cover what we call the 4C Recruiting Process® – competence, culture, character and chemistry.)
  • Consider what the role will be six months to two-years from now so that you will know what is needed and therefore you can recruit now for what is needed in the future.  Can this candidate grow into that bigger role as they progress?

As you gather this information from the influencers and decision-makers, you must be able to get consistent feedback and a consensus on what the ideal candidate needs to possess.  If you don’t have a group discussion and clear consensus of what you are and are not seeking, it will only cause disagreement regarding potential candidates later.  It’s critical to get consistent feedback from the whole team – it can’t be just one person’s input.  Typically more than one individual will be involved in the final decision as you hire a new executive and leader.

What questions do you have about creating a job description for your company?


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