Skype Interview- A 13 Point Checklist

Skype InterviewWe at Centennial, Inc. use Skype interview out of town candidates, so we know that this type of interview is very popular and will continue to gain in use as well.  Whether it is Skype, Oovoo, Google Video Chat, FaceTime or any other video interviewing tool, there are some things we think are important for you to consider (we know from experience!)


Skype Interview Checklist:

  • Be aware of what is in the background! Your background should be professional.  Your interviewer really doesn’t want to see your bedroom sheets, breakfast plates, clutter or something like an inappropriate poster.
  • Wear professional attire while you are interviewing, remember this is an official interview, do not treat it casually.
  • Smile! Your attitude over the computer is as important as your attitude in a face-to-face interview.
  • Situate yourself in a position where the interviewer can see your shoulders and face in the shot – do not sit too close to the screen.
  • Make sure you are sitting still and that you are not rocking back and forth or seem fidgety – remember the camera captures everything you do.
  • The best lighting should be in front of you and not behind you – this will ensure that the interviewers can see you clearly.
  • Use a headset with a microphone instead of relying on the computers microphone – this will ensure they hear you clearly.
  • Close email, and other programs that will beep during your interview and cause a distraction.
  • Silence your cell phone or home phone so that it does not ring during your interview.
  • Have a back up plan in the event that the video conference freezes or is not working, let them know that if it does, you will call them from a particular number to finish as a teleconference.
  • Be sure you have a 50/50 blend of you talking and listening – this goes for any interview you are in.
  • Remember that electronic communication gets transmitted more slowly than direct, face-to-face communication.  Be sure to practice effective “speak and wait” pacing.  Give the other person ample time to respond to your comments, and don’t begin answering a question before the person completely finishes the question.  You must practice effective and professional teleconferencing etiquette.
  • PRACTICE using the video conferencing technology BEFORE your scheduled interview.  Do not be perceived as a “Skype Rookie.”  Companies are looking for modern, educated leadership talent.  Being familiar with current technology is one important indication that your skills are modern.

Do you have any video interviewing experiences or tips you can give?

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