Lessons Learned: The Fido Factor and Shooting for Par with Dan and Krissi Barr

What man's best friend can teach you about being a leader.

What happens when you mix marriage and business? For Krissi and Dan Barr, it’s success, fun in conflict, and two bestselling books. They are the co-authors of “Plugged: Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done,” and “The Fido Factor: How to Get a Leg Up at Work.” Together, they run Barr Corporate Success, a coaching and strategic business consulting company.

When Krissi wanted to take her business to the next level, it was Dan who suggested writing a book, and Krissi who suggested back that they do it together. They share the experience of writing the books, from the idea coming to Dan in a dream to working on the weekends for two years because they both had day jobs.

Krissi shares the story of a conversation that changed the trajectory of her career, back when the executive coaching industry was just beginning. It had been rough sailing until then, but Krissi says these negative experiences have made her a better and more successful coach, because she knows exactly what her clients are dealing with.

Krissi and Dan share what it’s like working as a married couple: from why they decided to bring Dan on board Krissi’s business to how their personalities — and personality clashes — work for them. The books, too, are born from their personal experiences: Plugged is golf-themed, as Dan is a golfer, and The Fido Factor comes from their shared love of dogs.

The Fido Factor is a book about what dogs can teach us about leadership, because what makes a dog man’s best friend is also what makes a great leader.

  • F: Faithful leaders earn trust and loyalty
  • I: Inspirational leaders move people to do what’s meaningful and purposeful
  • D: Determined leaders keep people progressing toward their goals, they won’t give up
  • O: Observant leaders take as much info as possible so they can spot problems and opportunities

Plugged is a golf-themed business book, told in story format. The core lesson is “PAR,” which the hero of the story learns as he’s worried about a member-guest tournament with his biggest customer. These are simple but difficult to execute:

  • P: Prioritize – focus on what matters most
  • A: Adapt – be open to change
  • R: Responsible – be responsible and take ownership of the outcome

Dan and Krissi want to leave behind a legacy. Krissi hopes that with any interaction someone has with them, be it through their books, the Meditation Labyrinth, or a conversation, that people are able to look inside themselves, become more self-aware, and go forward with an optimistic future. Dan hopes to give people new ideas and make them smile. Because if you’re happy, the odds of you succeeding go way up.

Their final advice: when you’re feeling off track and having a tough time, a better attitude is the single best way to start the journey of getting back on track. A better attitude will create better behaviors, and better behaviors will change the direction of the result. Krissi shares a formula: E + R = O. Events + Response = Outcome. You control the R, so you can control the O.

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