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Differentiate Yourself with Excellent Communication Skills

Preparing and delivering communication provides me with a lot of satisfaction.  I love the challenge of clearly conveying a desired message to an audience and then motivating them to think and act differently.

When I write, there is one phase of writing that I call “addition by subtraction.” I add value by subtracting words that could dilute or cloud the intended message.  This process allows me to suppress any feelings of pride or ego and focus intently upon how to optimize the final message to meet the readers’ needs.

Here are my thoughts on excellent communication:

  • The concept of “addition by subtraction” as it pertains to communication is a philosophy and skill I recommend to anyone who is committed to becoming an excellent communicator.
  • Even though big talkers may receive the majority of airtime, they are usually not known or respected as effective communicators and “thought leaders.” They are merely recognized as personalities.
  • Thought leaders are the rare leaders whose experiences, philosophies, actions, example, and communication actually motivate change that improves the world by helping people grow.
  • The purpose of communication is to motivate and educate people to think or act differently. If communication does not change thought or action, what purpose could it serve?
  • Does your communication result in change and are you considered by others to be a thought leader? Or, are you known just as a personality who is listened to but not influential?
  • A key to excellent communication is consciously thinking about and choosing every word before you speak or write. What value do these words add, and what perception do you believe astute listeners have of people who use these foamy clichés in their communication?

Our communication skills have a huge influence on how others perceive us.  Be sure yours reflect your desired reputation!