Resources to help you to lead well through uncertainty

Current Overall Data:

14% expressed grave concerns about returning
51% expressed a desire that significant measures are taken
31% expressed a desire that some measures are taken

Employer Concerns:

71% of employers are struggling to adjust to remote work
65% of employers state maintaining morale has been a challenge

Safety Concerns:

67% report an increase of perceived risk for contracting any communicable disease
94% have at least some concern over their health and safety
data collection was directly from our beta testing the last week of April

“my greatest concern…is full compliance by everyone with the new rules [and] that we don’t feel pressure to return to work  if we don’t feel safe.”

Recorded video discussions:

Possibility Thinking: Re-imagining Resetting for Your Business – As challenging as this time may be, make the most of this opportunity to reset your business for future success.  Use the thought-provoking ideas in this video to re-imagine your organization your team.

How to Keep a Healthy Mindset – These are difficult times your mental wellbeing may be taking a hit.  Listen to this discussion to gain invaluable tips for finding joy purpose in the midst of uncertainty.

Managing Risk Your Organization During a Crisis – Know how to manage your organization’s risk when regulations continue to change the workforce looks very different from several weeks ago.

Take Care of People & They Will Take Care of You – Find out 3 important concepts for caring for the people around you.  The way you treat others today, in the middle of uncertainty, will impact their response respect for you.

Building a Compelling Case for Change – Change is occurring every day knowing how to lead through that is a big task. This discussion provides specific insights steps you can take to engage your entire team during times of change.

Smart Strategy People-Centered Practices– Setting expectations communicating with clarity are always important but even more so during our current crisis.  Discover how to keep your team focused engaged with the tips found in this discussion.

Restructuring Your Workforce Thoughtfully in Challenging Times – Many companies need to restructure their workforce, but there are right ways to do it some very wrong ways to do it. This discussion provides best practices for handling the emotional tasks of layoffs, furloughs, cutbacks.

Importance of Early Childhood Education – Parents across our nation are discovering a new appreciation for early childhood workers as schools daycares have had to close.  Learn more about how vital this sector of society is, not only for kids but for families as a whole.

In the news:

Metropolitan Club’s ‘Your Mind, Your Business’ webinar focused on mental health issues, leadership – published in the NKY Tribune

Blog articles:

Rethinking the Future written by Jessica Baron

Your Team; This Crisis: Who Are the Real Leaders? written by Becky Scheeler

Will You Be Ready to Hire a Growth Minded Leader? written by Becky Scheeler

Observations from Centennial’s New York Office  written by Jessica Baron

The New Virtual Realities for Business written by Chris Lewis

The New Virtual Realities for Business, Week 2; Tech Tricks Prevailed written by Chris Lewis

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