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A Year of Wisdom in One Episode with Mike Sipple, Jr.

On this special episode, we’re looking back on the first year of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast with host Mike Sipple, Jr. We’re highlighting some of our best topics and episodes, telling stories from behind the scenes, and sharing insights from the year that was.


This podcast began as an effort to bring out not just incredible stories that people could find themselves in, but also important topics that others might have never heard of before. The goal of this podcast is to help you succeed in relationships, work, community, and life, as well as reframing success and leadership.

Conscious Capitalism

When making a difference in your community and the world at large, it all starts with your values. Be intentional with the decisions you make as a business, and it’s so important to volunteer and give back. How can you utilize your privilege to bless others and help change that trajectory for them?

Episode 17: Conscious Capitalism with Steve Shifman

Workforce pipeline

Our future is with our children. How can we make sure that our public and business policies include the kids who are in school right now? In terms of retention, many people are having trouble at work because of a lack of childcare, or their child is sick, or they want to be involved in school. How can we get employers to start caring more?

Episode 50: The Economic Impact of Early Childhood Education with Amanda Greenwell

Skilled workers

There is a pathway for everyone in life. We need to make sure we show everyone the pathways they can take and be careful not to put everybody down the same pathway. What do these pathways look like? How can we introduce a variety of them to children so they can figure out what they were put on this earth to do?

Episode 27: Changing How People Perceive Skilled Trades with Dieter Moeller

Diversity and inclusionDiversity is the noun; inclusion is the verb. If, as an employer, you have individuals who work for you who are different from you, this is a topic you should care about. You want to bring out the best in all people, and we have a responsibility — and opportunity — to do this.

Episode 19: Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Janet Reid

Episode 3: Know Your Neighbor Concept with Shakila Ahmad

Episode 46: Leaning into Organizational Performance with Priya Klocek

Episode 51: Creating Vibrant and Prosperous Communities with Jill Meyer

Episode 56: Competitive Advantage of Gender Equity with Meghan Cummings

Human Resources

We need to treat people like people. We can, it’s allowed, it’s legal, and people are aching for it. How can we build empathy, friendship, and understanding? Every human is different, and we need to focus on bringing together, valuing, and leveraging these differences so we can grow not just our businesses, but our people, too.

Episode 35: HR on Purpose: Putting the Human Back in Human Resources with Steve Browne

Episode 46: Leaning into Organizational Performance with Priya Klocek

Episode 49: Creating Thriving Organizations with Elaine Suess

Episode 5: From Talent Recruitment to Founder and CEO with Jennifer McClure

Episode 32: Rethinking HR to Achieve Business Success with Beth Giglio

Lonely leadership

Too often we get so busy that we don’t even realize that we don’t have a life, and we end up forgetting about our dreams. How much focus have we put into our work that we never put into our personal relationships? We need people who love us and care about us because of us, not because of our work.

If you’re in a tough spot, that’s okay. You’re loved, you’re cared for, and we’re here for you at the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast.


Episode 34: Changes, Dreams, and Leaps of Faith with Mary Miller

Episode 43: Creating a Marriage Strategy with Jackie Bledsoe

Episode 15: Becoming CEO: Journey and Reflections with Chris Painter

Episode 26: The Warren Bennis Leadership Experience with Jack FitzGerald