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Character Traits in an Executive

What are the Most Sought after Character Traits in an Executive?recruiting

I answered the question, what are the most sought after skills clients look for in an executive, now I want to share my thoughts on the most sought after character traits companies are looking for in hiring an executive … with one must-have bonus character trait at the end!

Here are 6 most sought after character traits in an executive:

  • Look at the glass half-full versus half empty.
  • Ability to look at the opportunity versus the problems or challenge
  • A “We” mentality versus an “I” mentality
  • Interest in company/team success versus individual success
  • Adaptability in ever changing situations versus only being able to handle situations when everything is consistent.
  • Wise stewardship versus not taking responsibility for the enterprise he or she is leading.


Lastly, but the most important character quality, is a “make it happen” attitude.  One of my favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Can you share any other character traits you think that companies are seeking for in an executive?