Being CEO: It’s About the Journey and the Destination with Candace McGraw

How can you make an organization the size of a small city feel like home?

How can you make an organization the size of a small city feel like home? Candace McGraw is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport or CVG. This organization spans 14,000 people and 7,500 acres — and somehow, Candace and her team are able to build a strong sense of community, both […]

Starting Your Own Business with Todd Pfister

Business ownership is the road less traveled: it’s winding and exhilarating, but it’s not for everyone.

Should you start your own business? And if so, what kind of business should you run? Todd Pfister is the Managing Partner of FranNet MidAmerica and a Partner of TP4 Advisors. On this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast, we’re talking about entrepreneurship: how to know if it’s right for you and how to […]

Leaning into Organizational Performance with Priya Klocek

No two people are exactly alike and one size does not fit all, so how do we lead a diverse team?

How can we understand people better and lean into organizational performance? Priya Klocek is the President and CEO of Consulting On The Go and is a board member of Women Helping Women. Today we’re talking about building relationships and recognizing yourself as an individual, so you can show up and lead authentically. Manage conflict instead […]

Herding Tigers: Leading Creative Teams with Todd Henry

If you want brilliant, creative, and innovative work, you need clear and consistent boundaries.

Are you the type of leader that creative people need? Todd Henry is a keynote speaker and the author of Louder Than Words, Die Empty, The Accidental Creative, and — the book we’re diving into today — Herding Tigers. Doing the work and leading the work are very different things. How can you, as a […]

Securing the Future with Jenny Berg

You can be humble in your work and still take pride in it.

Today we welcome Jenny Berg, executive director of the Leadership Council for Nonprofits. Jenny has served on many boards, including Impact 100, Women Helping Women, and Catalyst. We’re talking about an upcoming annual conference called Securing the Future. It’s happening on March 6, 2019, so if you’re listening before then, now is a great chance […]

Creating a Marriage Strategy with Jackie Bledsoe

Winning at work is great. Winning at home is fulfilling.

You have a business strategy, but do you have a marriage strategy? Jackie Bledsoe is the CEO of JBSB, a speaker, and the bestselling author of “The 7 Rings of Marriage.” Today on the show, we’re talking about relationships (even if you’re single!), peace, and living life — both in your personal life and in […]

Childcare and The Cliff Effect with Vanessa Freytag

Childcare isn't just the employees' problem. It's yours, too.

What does childcare have to do with your business? A lot more than many realize. Vanessa Freytag is the President and CEO at 4C for Children and the Board Chair of the Human Services Chamber, and today we’re talking about the Cliff Effect. What is it, and why should you care as an employer — […]

Building Strong Leaders with Brent Carter, Part 2

Having a coach used to be stigmatized, but now it’s a perk.

Any leader can benefit from having a coach. Today we’re joined once again by Brent Carter to continue the conversation about building stronger leaders. Brent is a senior consultant and senior executive coach at Leadership Excelleration Inc., and we’ll be talking about how to build stronger leaders through coaching. We’re coached a lot as kids […]

Building Strong Leaders with Brent Carter, Part 1

How can we build — or be — good leaders? My guest on the podcast today is Brent Carter, a senior consultant and executive coach for Leadership Excelleration, Inc. He’s here to talk about the challenges leaders and companies face, the skill gaps we fail to notice, and how we can be more successful, more […]

Rethinking Systems for Equality with Stephanie Byrd

Solutions go well beyond conversations: we need to put money on the table to solve the problem.

When you don’t have a roadmap, the beauty is that you can create it, and the risk is that … you can create it. Today on the show we have Stephanie Byrd, the CEO of the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton Region American Red Cross, who is here to talk about the vulnerability of life’s success, […]