Does Fear Influence Your Decisions?

It seems as if Halloween is the only time of the year where it is acceptable to discuss fear.  Yet, even then, fear is not discussed in terms of its often very real role—that of influencer. Do you recognize the influence fear is having in your life?

When big decisions are being made, fear often casts the deciding vote.  When this happens, disaster can strike. At a recent leadership conference, Leadercast, Rorke Denver summed the situation up succinctly in this equation, “Decisions + Fear = Regret.”

It’s easy to let fear get the best of you. At Centennial, we regularly see the results of decisions made in fear.  Do any of these describe you?

  • CHROs who make a snap hire or fire decision
  • family business owners who wait too long to implement a succession plan
  • executives in transition who panic and accept the wrong role just to be employed

In each of these situations, the frying pan is traded for the fire. Things often get worse.

Advice for Limiting Fear’s Control

Don’t let fear rule you. Listed below are a few posts we have written on fear and the role it can play in work life. Take a minute to read them and share your thoughts with us. How do you keep fear at bay? And, know that Centennial is here to help you handle the situations that go “bump” in your brain and keep you up at night. We are ready to walk alongside you and your organization.

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