It All Comes Back to the Customer

Are you busy doing the right things?

It’s Monday! I am sure your week is chock-full of busyness.  However, are the “right” things on your to-do list? A greatcentennial customer way to answer this question is to evaluate each task on your list against this question:  How will this [task/meeting/lunch/phone call] benefit our customer? In other words, if your customers reviewed your list, would they be able to determine what’s on it–or in it–for them?

Everything you do must back to the customer. And, “customer-centric” organizations are the ones that win.

Need further inspiration? Invest three minutes in reading the blog posts listed below.

What’s in it for you, our customer?

How do you put together your “to do” list each week? What determines what does and doesn’t make the cut? We would love to know.

Wishing all our customers–past, present, and future–a great week of doing the right things to win.

Here’s to you and your leadership!


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