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Top 3 Challenges Facing Leaders Today – Part 1

This is the first of two articles addressing the biggest challenges leaders are facing today.

When asked the question,

“What are the top three challenges facing leaders today?” Mike Sipple Sr. shares…

  • Leaders need to redefine what “leadership” means to their organizations.  They should be questioning – “what do we need in our organization today that we don’t have?”  They should be educating themselves on what those needs are, and they should be redefining their leadership needs accordingly. What once determined an “A” player may not be the most important organizational need today.  It’s important to understand and clearly define those needs.
  • Leaders need to be continually learning, changing and growing according to their organization’s needs.  They need to be continually pushing outside of their comfort zone and discovering how they can make the greatest impact for their organization.  It’s a constant “swim upstream,” where the best leaders aren’t just leveraging the strengths they know they have, but they are constantly learning about the strengths they didn’t even realize they had.  A leader must educate themselves with good material; they must listen to good information; and they must meet new people they can learn valuable things from. It’s continuous improvement.
  • The best leaders will be those who, as opposed to relying solely on themselves, seek out advisors, coaches and accountability partners to help them learn, change and grow.  I have always had wise advisors, who have held me accountable.  I am always looking for people who can do something better than me.  Leadership isn’t an island, and leaders should be seeking that wise counsel.

What do you believe are the challenges leaders face today? Share with us below or via email.