Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Leader with Pete Scazzero

Embrace your limits and your humanity.

What is an emotionally healthy leader? And what can you do to become one? Joining us on this episode of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is Pete Scazzero, founder of the New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, New York, the co-founder of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and the author of The Emotionally Healthy Leader. Today we’re […]

Social Corporate Responsibility with Paul Fox

People are the most important asset any business has.

Welcome to a very special episode of Talent Magnet Institute with our guest host Jessica Baron, the Vice President of Executive Search for Centennial. Today on the show, we have Paul Fox, a self-described career communicator and formerly with Procter & Gamble, as he shares about leadership and corporate responsibility, how that comes from the […]

Lower Leadership Stress Today

Wise leaders surround themselves with the right people

If you are a business owner or the manager of a large division, you feel daily pressure to perform.  It affects everything you do:  your time, your health, and your sleep.  Stress is normal – and can be healthy as we outlined in this article – however, it would do you a lot of good […]

Creating Vibrant and Prosperous Communities with Jill Meyer

The heart and soul of everything that drives an economy is people, period.

How do you attract talent to your region — and get them to want to stay? Jill Meyer is the President and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and on today’s episode, we’re talking about talent, inclusion, transportation, and overall regional transformation to elevate our region and make it one of the world’s best […]

The Metropolitan Club Hires Joe Hoffecker as Executive Director

Joe Hoffecker

Centennial was honored to represent this executive search engagement which ultimately led to a great leader, Joe Hoffecker, who will continue the Metropolitan Club’s mission to serve the region and The Met Club members with excellence. COVINGTON, KY – March 27, 2019 – The Metropolitan Club, Greater Cincinnati’s unique and distinctive private business club since […]

The Economic Impact of Early Childhood Education with Amanda Greenwell

Childcare is a long-term investment in shaping the workforce of the future.

Why should businesses and business owners help kids succeed? Joining us today on the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is Amanda Greenwell, Director of the Northern Kentucky Area Center. On this episode we’re talking about early childhood education: why does it matter, and why should you care? Amanda’s personal experience When Amanda had children, she took […]

Let’s Connect at Leadercast Live

Learn from Patrick Lencioni - & More!

Leadercast Live is the world’s largest leadership simulcast, broadcast worldwide every year. Thousands of leaders gather together all around the world to view leaders sharing their insight on being a better leader, colleague, and team. Leadercast Live 2019: Leading Healthy Teams, takes place May 10th. Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (and more) […]

Creating Thriving Organizations with Elaine Suess

When you’re willing to ask questions, amazing things happen.

How can we create a thriving organization? Elaine Suess is the President of BeyondBeing Executive & Leadership Coaching. On this episode, she shares how she builds positive cultures in organizations and helps leaders reach higher levels of success by focusing on strengths, asking questions, and quite literally changing the way we think. A strengths-based approach […]

Being CEO: It’s About the Journey and the Destination with Candace McGraw

How can you make an organization the size of a small city feel like home?

How can you make an organization the size of a small city feel like home? Candace McGraw is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport or CVG. This organization spans 14,000 people and 7,500 acres — and somehow, Candace and her team are able to build a strong sense of community, both […]