How You Should Treat Resigning Employees

Retention vs. Brand Ambassadors

I am passionate about helping business leaders be successful and we all know that people are the biggest factor in making that happen. For that reason, our team often talks about the best-case scenarios regarding employee engagement and retention. Those topics are incredibly important, but I also want to offer that I have learned that […]

Hire for Success

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Your Next Key Leader

How do you know if you are hiring the right people for your organization – people who will help you go places and motivate others to do the same? What questions should you be asking in an interview to be confident that you are hiring the right person for your organization? These are excellent questions […]

8 Emotional Lessons of Succession

This is an excerpt from an article we authored for Family Business Magazine. You can read the full-length article HERE. In 2012, our family business began a healthy succession process – but do not mistake “healthy” for “painless.” We did all the right things — planned, brought in outside advisers. However, while the emotions were […]

What You May Not Know About Executive Search Firms

Benefits of partnering with a recruiting firm

Do you need to hire a key leader for your organization?  Is the need to hire causing you stress but you’re not sure you can manage a full-scale recruiting process on top of everything else you are doing? Are you uncertain about where to start? This is normal.  That is why there are executive search […]

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Consulting Business


The life of an entrepreneur is exciting but challenging. There are so many lessons you learn when you start your own business – and most of those lessons come with a healthy dose of growing pains.  Mike Sipple Jr. was able to reflect on his top lessons during an interview with Doug C. Brown from […]

Scaling A Business with Robin Throckmorton

This week Mike is back and he is talking to Robin Throckmorton about being an entrepreneur.  If you own a business you don’t want to miss this one. Robin is the Founder and President of Strategic HR.  She shares her insights and lessons learned about starting as a solo-prenuer, and how she scaled her business […]

Looking At Things Differently To Make A Greater Impact with Clare Blankemeyer and Jessica Baron

We can choose to be our best selves, even when it imperils our lives.

This week’s episode is inspiring and has many great lessons on impact as Jessica Baron takes the mic to talk to mover and shaker Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer, the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the Mayerson Foundation and President of Impact 100. Among many topics, they discuss how thinking about problems from a different perspective […]

Why Does Pete Blackshaw Think Cincinnati Is The Best Place In The Country For A Start-Up?

If you're not aware of the possibilities, you get passed by.

This week, Mike talks to Pete Blackshaw, the CEO of Cintrifuse, a startup incubator created by P&G, Kroger, Western & Southern and other major entities in the Greater Cincinnati region.   It is obvious that one thing they share is their enthusiasm for opportunities in the Cincinnati region for business.   Listen to the episode now: […]

Letting Go Of Your Mistakes And The Plague Of Shame With Haley Hunt

Coming to terms with events of the past, letting go of self-imposed shame, and being an authentic leader.

This week, Mike’s conversation with Haley Hunt, Host of Jerseys and Heels: The Podcast is about coming to terms with events of the past, letting go of self-imposed shame, and being an authentic leader.   Listen to the episode now: In this fun and down-to-earth episode you will hear:  How and why Haley started Jerseys and […]

Tactical Wisdom From A Great Career With Master Of Organizational Development, Michael Glenn

The true value of a surgeon is not how well the surgeon cuts.  It’s how well the patient heals.

In this week’s episode, Becky Scheeler, VP of Client Engagement for Centennial Executive Search and Talent Strategy (TMI’s parent company) interviews her long-time mentor and friend Michael Glenn.  They met at Fidelity 30 years ago and still keep in touch, learn and grow from one another.  Here, they discuss real-life stories about conflict resolution and […]