Centennial and Leadership Excelleration, Inc. know the positive impact of a well-planned onboarding program. Help your organization and your newly-hired leader be more successful by making the onboarding process a priority.

Leader Onboarding

Did you know that 40+% of Leaders fail in the first 18 months of their new role? The failure is often due to not have the opportunity to acclimate successfully to what the new role or organization requires. Moreover, 28% of leaders decide if they will stay or leave a job in the first week!

The Accelerated Onboarding Program (AOP), provided by Leadership Excelleration, Inc., offers a structured, yet flexible approach to improve the success rate of leaders who are in new roles. Capturing the wisdom of best practices from more than 20 years of executive coaching experience, the AOP was created to help leaders proactively address key areas that all too often are inadvertently neglected. We are thrilled to share this innovative program with you!

Accelerated Onboarding Program Options

AOP Two Day Certification

Two full-day certification workshop and Master Coaching to provide development, essential strategies and tools to ensure internal coaching success

One Day AOP for Promoted Leaders

One full-day training session for newly hired, transferred or promoted leaders

AOP Individual Coaching

A 90-120 Day coaching engagement to support a leader for Executives, Vice-president’s and Directors

AOP Group Coaching

Eight two-hour sessions for leaders in similar roles or at the same organization level; participants receive direct coaching and guidance from an experienced Master Coach (maximum 12)

The Accelerated Onboarding Program’s impact to your Organization:

  • Accelerated leader success in new roles
  • Quicker acclimation to organization culture, role and expectations
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Reduced risk of turnover and associated costs
  • Enhanced capability of leaders to fully contribute faster in their new roles

LEI can comprehensively meet all of your assimilation needs!

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