What Are You Doing This Labor Day?

It’s Labor Day! A day off of work (for most)! The United States Department of Labor shares on their website that Labor Day was the creation of the labor movement back in the late 1800s. It is a day dedicated to the social and economic achievemenlabor dayts of American workers.  It is a national tribute to the “contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

For many leaders, Labor Day is a day to re-group, re-organize, and get ready to return to work to kick it in for year-end. For many leaders, it’s also the unofficial kick-off of strategic planning and budgeting season–in addition to the unofficial end to summer. For other leaders, it’s a time to re-assess their leadership year-to-date, with an opportunity to re-frame a few things to help finish strong.

What are you doing this Labor Day? No matter how you are spending today, we have some thoughts for you.

If you are…

relaxing, check out Mike Sipple Jr.’s reading recommendations in Ten Books to Fuel Your Leadership.

re-organizing, don’t forget to clean out the Skeletons in Your Closet.

re-framing, be sure to consider your Employment Brand.

re-assessing, evaluate if your leadership style is  A Pipe or a Fountain.

re-thinking, consider your  Company Culture in Your Strategic Plan.

Whatever this day holds for you, be ready to return to work and  Finish the Year Strong! It is your efforts, along with those who work alongside you, that strengthen your organization, your region, and our great country.

Here’s to you and your leadership!

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